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IMCAT - introduction

We are since 25 years established in the Czech Republic and manufacture welded-constructions, machinery and their parts according to our customers demands on a high level of quality in our up to date workshop. If full QA / QC documentation is needed, we will provide it as per our customers needs.

We also offer you effective consultation services as well as organization works in the EU for your projects anywhere in the world. Mainly in the foodstuff, agricultural and mechanical Engg industries. We are familier with ISO 22000 and can also help with the necessary certification of your factory.

In the attachnent are some pictures of our manufactured products.




1266411316.jpg 1266375712.jpg 1266375999.jpg 1266411217.jpg 1266411389.jpg 1278062016.jpg 1266376045.jpg 1266411248.jpg 1266411232.jpg 1519219795.jpg 1266411268.jpg 1266411334.jpg

IMCAT - introduction

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